Home router FAQ

1. How do I connect my modem and my router

Your router and your modem can be connected via an Ethernet or a USB cable. A USB modem doesn’t need an additional power connection, while an Ethernet modem has a power adapter which you need to plug in. The LAN port of your router and the Ethernet port of your desktop or laptop need to be connected with an Ethernet cable. Finally, the router power adapter needs to be plugged in. When the lights on router and modem stop blinking, the devices are ready for work.

2. How do I log into the router

Your router’s operating system can be accessed via any web browser: type or copy-paste, or in the address bar and enter your login credentials in the login screen that will appear. If none of the above IP addresses work, see How to look up the IP address of your router.

3. Can I change router login and password

In most routers the administrative login can’t be modified, but you may and it’s recommended that you change your router administrative password to protect your LAN from unauthorized access. See How to change router administrative password for details.

4. How do I secure my Wi-Fi network

You wireless network can work in an open Wi-Fi hotspot mode, but for security reasons you’d rather use WEP, WPA or WPA2 key to protect it. WPA2 is the wireless security standard supported by 802.11n routers and allows connecting at speeds above 54 Mbps. Navigate through the router’s administrative console to ‘Wireless network’ and save your WPA2-PSK key (password) in ‘Security options’.

5. How can I upgrade my router firmware

For new features and increased performance we suggest that you upgrade your router’s firmware from time to time: you’ll need to search for the up-to-date version at the manufacturer’s website and launch installation from the router’s console. Make sure your computer is not going to switch off or restart during firmware installation (usually takes 1—3 minutes)

6. Do I need to turn my router off

You can leave your router on all the time without turning it off or restarting it.

7. How do I reset my router

Sometimes you may need to reset your router to default settings: see How to restore factory username, password on a router for instructions.