Change the router’s IP address?

Protection from unauthorized use is essential for broadband routers. Even though the manufacturers protect routers by setting administrative login and password combination, it is highly recommended not only to change it after the first login (see How to change router administrative password), but to add a second layer of security and to change the router’s IP address.

The router’s default IP is set by the manufacturer. To enter the administrative console for the first time, you’ll need to use 192.168.l.l, 192.168.l.254, 192.168.O.1 or another internal IP set at the factory (see How to look up the internal IP address of a router?). These default gateway IPs are common knowledge since any person can learn the factory settings for any router model from manuals or web search and use this information to attempt cracking the administrative password of the router.
When you change the router’s IP from the default one to a customized one, you create an obstacle for potential abusers who won’t be able to access the login screen of the router’s administrative console without knowing the IP, and won’t be able to look it up from outside your local network.

What number can be a custom IP address for a router

The change of the router’s internal IP won’t affect the operation of your wired or wireless network. The new IP address for your router should be a unique identifier consisting of four sets of numbers (0 to 255 each) separated by dots. No devices on your local network should share one IP address, otherwise the Internet connection will be lost due to IP conflict.

How to change your router’s IP address

Navigate the administrative console of your router to a section named ‘Local Network’ or ‘Network Configuration’. Make the necessary changes in the LAN IP address field, then click Apply, and your router will apply changes and reboot. Don’t forget to write down your new router’s IP, as you’ll need to type or copy-paste this new number every time you want to log into the router’s administrative console.