This IP address is just one of the many addresses that are used in routers as a default internal address to get in administration panel. Belkin routers are very popular. There is no reason why this manufacturer uses this default IP address, but forget about and, which are so popular in routers of other manufacturers. IP address belongs to range of private addresses. Not only Belkin use this address as default. Here are other manufacturers, which use this IP.

If you are owner of one of this manufacturer’s home wireless router and after checking you understand, that isn’t internal IP address, don’t worry. Most likely, someone changed it and forget to notify you. Better if your password and login from administration panel weren’t changed in the past, so you can return your default IP address. Otherwise, you will have problems with log in.

Login information

If you know how to login in routers from other manufacturers, you won’t have problems with Belkin devices. The main differences are login and password, which are used when you enter in web interface. They depend on manufacturer of your router.

Belkin routers don’t have default identification data(Dynex routers too), so you just need to click Submit after getting on login window. Our recommendation is to set up new password to protect your network from hackers and other foes. If you don’t know it can be done, check this article, where you will be learned how to set up password step-by-step.

Other manufacturers, which use IP

If manufacturers use IP address, it doesn’t mean that their routers don’t have identification information. For example, Edimax and SMC, which were mentioned in previous paragraphs, have default username and password. You can find they in this table:

Manufacturer IP-address Username Password
SMC Networks admin admin / password / smcadmin / blank
Edimax admin 1234

We would be happy if this table will help you to login to your router. If these usernames and passwords doesn’t correct, maybe they were changed. You can try other combinations or reset router to factory defaults. You can do it by pressing on Reset button and holding it for about 15 seconds. After that, router will be rebooted and then you can use default identification information again.