is IP address of the private C class subnet. These subnets are usually used for private and corporative networks, which are not part of global worldwide Internet web.

Nowadays, there are a lot of wireless home router manufacturers, but IP address and its subnet with mask are usually used in Huawei routers and GPON terminals as a default IP address. It’s huge advantage in the industry where the most of the manufacturers use and IP addresses, which are public. You can use to enter in administrator panel and configure all important settings manually, but be sure that you are advanced user.

To enter in admin panel of router or optical Huawei modem, you should open your Internet browser and type here this URL address:

It should be something like that:

Then press Enter button. If you have done all correctly, there will appears web-interface’s Login Gateway.

To enter in configuration panel using, you should type username and password. If you forget them, you should visit Default Router Passwords page. Here will be a list of identification information for every Huawei router’s model.

If you can’t get access to router’s configuration panel, it’s likely that you have some troubles with network configuration. In this case, the best variant is opening configuration page of network adapter. Open TCP/IPv4 menu option and specify there IP in static mode:

Simply put, you should specify address to your personal computer from subnet with address and enter Huawei optical terminal as DNS-server.

Moreover, to enter in Huawei router’s configuration panel, using IP address, you shouldn’t use wireless Wi-Fi network. Usage of cable connection is better. It’s usually important to connect on terminal into LAN1 socket.

How to configure Huawei router with IP address?

To configure wireless Huawei router, using, you should find WLAN section in router’s web-interface. Here should be something like WLAN Configuration. This section is necessary for you.

Here you can find all wireless network configuration, which are distributed by Huawei optical modem.

“SSID Name” is used to specify Wi-Fi network’s name. All owners of device, which can use wireless connection, will see this name in list of available networks.

In “Authentication Mode” bar you can specify security certificate. Nowadays, the best option is WPA 2 Pre-Shared KEY. Usage of this security certificate mean that there will be used AES encryption type.

In “WPA Pre-Shared Key” bar you should type new password from your wireless network. There will be special request for every client, who wants to connect to Wi-Fi network.

After all changes, that will be made, don’t forget to press “Apply” button. This button provides to save all changes. Some model of routers may have different names of bars, but differences usually aren’t huge.