Method of configuration and setup of your router which use IP address

IP addresses, which you can find in name of this article, is used for LAN.  This IP address is usually used by router manufacturers as a default router address. The most owners use different IP addresses which you can find on router’s sticker. Public IP should be single in the Internet, but should be single in its own LAN. The most useful usage of this is making your network as a firm’s network.

What should you do to set your router with IP address?

We wrote above that this IP address is used in the most of routers as management IP, so you can get accessibility to your router’s configuration page by using Here you can configure some advanced features like port forwarding, DNS, MAC addresses and other important things. Just follow these steps:

Click on your Internet-browser icon. Here is appeared browser interface, so you need to type in address bar of your browser. Here will be showed special console where you can type login and passkey. You can find them on router’s backside sticker or by other methods which you can find on our website.

Then you need to search through the sections and find section where you can configure yor wireless network by Dial-up or DNS. Click on it. Here you need to type passkey and login which you can get from your Internet Provider.

Last step is setting your router wireless function. Better to choose the latest security type to make your wireless network to be in safety.

Where I can get my router default password and login?

There are some situation when you don’t know your identification information, so you need to find them. Try to rotate your router. Here is should be sticker with all identification information.  If there’s nothing, open your router’s manual book. If you lost your manual book, the last method is using google. Usually, manufacturers use “admin” as a password and login.

On our website, you can find article with list of passwords and logins for the most famous router’s manufactures.